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23 Jul 2019

Fire truck fun

Has your little Lifelong Learner always wanted to be a Firefighter? Our crew at Little People’s Retreat Swan View got the chance to do just that for a day recently with Fire Truck Tuesday.

Centre Manager Genevieve Menage organised for the Kindy children to receive a visit from an old school Fire Truck at the start of July. The excursion was planned as one of the Centre's 'Healthy Communities' activities aimed at introducing community concepts to children at an early age, to develop an understanding of a team environment, giving back to the community, and creating a sense of belonging for all. 

Spending the morning talking about the imminent arrival, all their little faces lit up as the truck came around the bend. First, the Fireman came inside to talk to everyone about his special Fire Truck and what he was going to show everyone. The children then got to listen to a quick story about Firefighters going out on the truck to fight a real fire! Eager to be the ones among the action, the children sat spellbound.

Once the story was over everyone walked outside to be met by the amazing red Fire Truck in the driveway. All the children sat along the wall awaiting their turn with the fire hose which the Fireman patiently showed everyone how to hold. He showed everyone a little trick where they aimed the hose at the reel so it would spin. All the children were cheering and clapping for their friends as the water went everywhere and nearly wet Miss Anita who was taking photos!

However, all of this pales in comparison to the all important Fire Truck ride. Everyone climbed up in the back while the Fireman put the siren on. The smiles said it all as all the children sat in the back as the Fire Truck rumbled down the road. There were lots of waves to the cars behind and people walking down the street as the children showed off their fancy new ride. “The children were so excited, laughing, cheering, smiling and squealing all the way,” Genevieve said.

When everyone had gone for a ride in the truck everyone stood in the back or in front of the truck for a group photo. It was a truly amazing morning, and everyone is so excited to find out what’s next.

If your little lifelong learner has some exciting activities they’ve always wanted to try, why not talk to your centre directly, or to learn more about what our centres can do for you call 1800 CHILDCARE.

13 Aug 2019

Childcare ratings - what do they mean?

We often talk about centres ‘Meeting’ or ‘Exceeding’ when talking about National Quality Standards, but what does that actually mean? 

12 Aug 2019

Papilio Early Learning Barton flying high

Meeting a growing need for premiere childcare services in Canberra, Papilio Early Learning Barton is taking flight. The new Papilio Early Learning Barton centre is proud to join a growing of childcare centres in the ACT, including Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla and Papilio Early Learning Bruce.

9 Aug 2019

Red Nose Day 2019

Rocking a Red Nose never looked so good! Centres across Australia are putting on their dancing shoes and popping on their Red Noses today all in the name of Red Nose Day 2019.

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