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11 Jul 2019

NAIDOC Week at Kids Academy Preschool

It’s been a fun filled week for our Lifelong Learners at Kids Academy Preschool in New South Wales as they jumped in on the NAIDOC Week festivities.

We sat down to have a chat with Centre Manager Lauren White who was beyond excited to share the week with us.

“The centre’s educators and children have had an action packed week of learning for NAIDOC celebrations with presentations of Indigenous stories, artwork and history” Lauren said.

Here’s what they got up to:

Rock painting- 

The educators had a group discussion with the children about rock painting and the significance behind it. They were then shown pictures of different artworks and engravings that were created on rocks before they had to find their name on one of the rocks. From there they took their rocks to a table where they were able to create some Aboriginal artworks on the other side. Once they were dry they placed them in a basket to let their teachers and friends know who was in their class that day.

Audrey loved learning all about rock art

Tiddalick the Frog story- 

The educators gathered all of the children into one room to tell them the story about Tiddalick the frog. The educator told the story through a felt board and animals before they watched the story on the smartboard.

Tiddalick the Frog

Matching rock symbols- 

The children had the opportunity to engage in a matching activity. Rocks and card with Aboriginal symbols were placed on the table and the children had to match the rock to the correct picture. Our enthusiastic educators then discussed with the children what each symbol meant.

Great matching!

Re-telling the story of Tiddalick the Frog- 

After our group time story Wednesday morning on Tiddalick the Frog the educators set up an area outside where the children were able to re-tell the story. On the table were balls of playdough, rocks and sticks and all the animals from the story. The children were able to use the rolling pins to roll out the brown playdough to create mud and dirt. They then used the animals and re-told and acted out the story of Tiddalick the Frog. “This was so lovely to see!” Said Lauren.

Creativity brought to life

Rock creations on the smart board-

In the Preschool room the children love using the smartboard each day. On Wednesday they were able to  select their own colour and choose a virtual rock to decorate. They created patterns that they had seen on pictures of Aboriginal rock paintings.


Look at that focus!

Aboriginal dot painting- 

Outside, where the mess can get freely out of hand, educators set up a painting experience where the children could use cotton stick to create dot art. Above the easel an Aboriginal dot painting was placed for the children to see and they used the cotton sticks to make their very own. 

“We love to let children take the lead in their own learning so were excited when the dot painting quickly turned to finger painting. There were meaningful discussions with the children while they were creating their artworks, with the educator speaking to them all about the different symbols they could use, such as seeing goanna tracks as they were walking to the waterhole. Later on, inside, the children continued with the art fun by decorating boomerangs and handprints with paint and crayons,” Lauren said.


Childern take the lead as they connect with Aboriginal history.

Aboriginal cave- 

The children helped the educator create a cave using an old cardboard box. Once the cave was in place they drew their own pictures and markings on the cave to replicate cave art. They were then able to explore the inside the cave while some Aboriginal music and stories were played in the background.

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