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22 Jul 2019

Shining star profile: Cindy McBeath

Introducing Cindy McBeath, Lead Educator at Bambini Early Childhood Development Caloundra, and one of our latest Shining Stars!

Cindy has been working in early childhood education for the past twenty-two years since she started in pre-school and nursery care in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has been in her current role for the past seven years.

Cindy decided she wanted to pursue a career in early childhood as soon as she finished High School, seeing it as a career that would help her to travel the world and experience working abroad, and what a career choice it was. Cindy studied at New Zealand College of Early Childhood Education, completing a two year Diploma of Early Childhood Education before working in London for twelve years as a Nanny and three as a Playgroup Coordinator. For the past decade Cindy has been working as a lead educator on the Sunshine Coast. 

When asked what she loved most about her job she said “I love helping children achieve their full potential and seeing them happy is what I find rewarding in my job.”

“I love the families and staff here at Bambini Early Childhood Development Caloundra, and feel very proud of being an educator here for the past seven years, since it opened back in April 2012.”

At the moment Cindy looks after thirty children who are enrolled in the Ember Studio and loves encouraging children to explore loose parts, while providing them with freedom of choice. “My inspirational play spaces are made from natural items, and a feeling of a homely environment away from home. I want to continue to motivate and inspire others to use loose parts and more natural items in childcare,” she says.

Cindy has been recognised for her constant passion for her work and the children she looks after. We wanted to take the time to thank Cindy for her continued work in educating parents about the qualifications in early childhood and continued professional development of our educators.

Thank you Cindy, and we have no doubt you will continue hearing the children call out your name when arriving to work, and receiving cuddles filled with happiness for many years to come.

16 Aug 2019

Shining Star - Mellissa Coyle

Passionate about children from an early age, our latest shining star has worked her way up over the past nine years, in the one centre, to be the very best educator she can be. Say hello to Lead Educator and Educational Leader at Kurrawatha Avenue Early Learning Centre, Mellissa Coyle.

13 Aug 2019

Childcare ratings - what do they mean?

We often talk about centres ‘Meeting’ or ‘Exceeding’ when talking about National Quality Standards, but what does that actually mean? 

12 Aug 2019

Papilio Early Learning Barton flying high

Meeting a growing need for premiere childcare services in Canberra, Papilio Early Learning Barton is taking flight. The new Papilio Early Learning Barton centre is proud to join a growing of childcare centres in the ACT, including Papilio Early Learning Yarralumla and Papilio Early Learning Bruce.

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