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3 Sep 2019

Lifelong learning takes flight

The time has finally come for Papilio Early Learning Lutwyche to step out into the light. To mark the transition into Spring, our educators opened the doors to their new purpose-built centre for their Open Enrolment Day and Brisbane’s Biggest Butterfly release.

On August 31st our team of educators welcomed all our current families to the new centre and greeted thirty new families to showcase all the hard work that has gone into bringing lifelong learning to life at Lutwyche. 

Children were able to explore the exciting new play space while parents took a walk around the persoanlised learning spaces. All those who visited the centre were greeted by our Educator’s warm smiles, and teams from the wonderful businesses that support them. From language tuition from Play Frog to yoga and balloon making, there was action all around.

As well as providing quality education, the team at all Lifelong Learning Centres also work hard to bring out the magic in everyday and embrace individuality, that’s why our Educators always go above and beyond.

As the Latin word for butterfly, ‘Papilio’ is symbolic of transformation and growth, and representative of our belief that every child is beautifully unique. To celebrate this our team tracked down over 200 live butterflies for our current and new families to release and enjoy.

The butterflies were lovingly cared for by our team after delivery from Jewels of the sky and then handed to excited children, staff and families. With over 200 butterflies in hand, standing in the sun at our purpose-built playground in the last of the Winter sun, true magic happened. 

"As the bands came off the boxes and the butterflies were released, the squeals of joy were the most beautiful sounds to witness,” says Centre Manager Carla Langley.

The first step in the Papilio Early Learning Lutwyche journey was a sunny day flight and now we can’t wait to welcome you along for more. 

If you’re interested in touring the centre, or want more information, call 1800 CHILDCARE to chat with our friendly family support team.

5 Sep 2019

Putting child safety first

It’s everyone’s job to protect children. This year Lifelong Learning Centres are teaming up with Bravehearts to take the pledge to protect children. 

3 Sep 2019

Why lifelong learning is a lifelong career

Early Childhood Education isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Educators step into their centres everyday knowing they are changing the lives of children and forging their love of lifelong learning. For many, this brings them so much joy and they treasure everyday of their careers for many years. One such Educator is Diona Driver, Centre Manager at Premier Early Learning Centre Moruya, New South Wales.

3 Sep 2019

Education isn't just about the books

Educators at Lifelong Learning Centres come from all walks of life and are all at different stages of their lifelong learning journey. Educator Trainee Elizabeth Watson started her lifelong learning journey with Affinity Education Group in September 2018 when she decided to find a position that left her feeling more fulfilled.

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