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23 Aug 2019

Reading is my secret power

Bookworms, has this week not just been your favourite week of the entire year? Book Week, it’s a time of year where the Children’s Book Council of Australia brings children and books together in a truly magical way, and we love the results.

Little Lifelong Learners around the country have been getting in the spirit of Book Week with dress-up and reading events launched at all our centres. At Lifelong Learning Centres we have spent the week spreading the message that literacy and learning begins with children having access to books and by being encouraged to explore their words through play. 

That’s why we believe that while the dress-ups are devastatingly adorable, they truly serve  a higher purpose. By having children express themselves through costume, educators are encouraging them to interact with their favourite books on a deeper level. To come up with their costume ideas they need to understand the character they are dressing up as and be engaged by them. This is an excellent step towards a love of lifelong reading.

Research has found that children learn best when they can relate words and illustrations to their play. At Lifelong Learning Centres we are passionate about building Healthy Minds through play-based learning. Our educators understand that the best way to create a love for literacy and to have children understand words have meaning is for them to experience stories and engage with them in several different ways.

It’s through this belief our Lifelong Learning Centres Educators are celebrating the 2019 theme - reading is my secret power. We truly believe that promoting reading to children and engaging with stories playfully will bolster your child’s love of lifelong learning and build their Healthy Minds.

To learn how reading can become your child’s secret power call 1800 CHILDCARE today.

15 Feb 2021

Lifelong Learning Centres Celebrate Lunar New Year & The Year Of The Ox!

At all Lifelong Learning Centres, we encourage the exploration and involvement in cultural celebrations from all around the world. 
2 Feb 2021

Change Makers at Milestones Middle Swan

The children at Milestones Middle Swan have been collecting containers to help keep our community healthy. 
21 Jan 2021

Aussie Kindies raise over $871 for Water Tank Project

The students and staff of Aussie Kindies Early Learning Kyabram have gone above and beyond and raised over $870 for a community endeavour – the Kyabram Water Tank Project!

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