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29 Apr 2020

DIY Puppet Show at Home

Using puppets in play encourages children’s imagination, creativity and expressive language skills.

They can better understand the roles and identities of others in society, and even practice their memory by playing through a scenario they have experienced in the puppet play.

There are plenty of puppet types to explore with your child too - from stick characters, to sock puppets and more.

Click on the activity template below to open a printable PDF version.

Enjoyed this activity? We have a range of Lifelong Learning at Home activity templates created by qualified early childhood educators and professionals for you to use at home!
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29 Apr 2020

Sensory Bottles

This sensory experience encourages your child to explore their senses of sight and touch whilst extending on their vocabulary.

29 Apr 2020

Ball Games - Rolling

Focusing on movement, this ball rolling activity is full of fun and learning for your little one!
29 Apr 2020

Mother's Day: Make Glittery Playdough

Encourage your child to get involved this mothers day by creating playdough figures with mum's favourite colour in playdough!


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