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1 Apr 2020

Early Education Heroes stay strong through COVID-19

Across Australia, our Lifelong Learning Centres community of early childhood educators and teachers are continuing to share messages of positivity and creativity for the benefit of their families, children and each other. 

“The message we want to share is that we’re open – and we’re here for our families, our children and each other,” says CEO Tim Hickey. 

“Affinity has never been more proud of our Early Education Heroes than now, as they go above and beyond for their families and the children in our care. 

“We don’t know what the next few weeks will bring. We do know we can come through this strongly if we genuinely demonstrate our Affinity values. Being Completely Connected. Living the Team Spirit. Demonstrating Outstanding Professionalism. Going Above and Beyond. Reaching our Full Potential and, Having Serious Fun.” 

“We’re focusing on our future beyond COVID-19 coronavirus and with our people delivering outstanding professionalism in these, the very toughest of times – I know we’ll get through.”  

Rainbows and smiles for our neigbourhoods 

In a time where social distancing is potentially impacting the emotional wellbeing of children, many of our Lifelong Learning Centres have literally ‘rolled out a rainbow carpet’ to welcome their children attending each day. “We want to reassure our children and our families they are welcome at our centre,” explains  Rebecca Bell, Centre Manager at Milestones Early Learning Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. 


Teddy bears bring joy

At Milestones Early Learning Coomera, Centre Manager Shelley McVicar and Early Childhood Teacher Ronda Miller are participating in a community teddy bear hunt, allowing children to come and visit their furry friends at the windows of the child care centre.  


Saying Thank You! 

Centre Managers, Jasmine Petratos and Sarah Barmes, and their team at Papilio Early Learning North Strathfield – Orange Campus have been talking with their children about all the different essential workers during this time.  

“Whilst we often think of nurses and doctors, there are so many other important people also working hard to keep us safe. Our children were inspired to thank those in our community by sharing this message,” said Sarah. 


“Thank you for keeping us safe and healthy”  
Papilio Early Learning Centre North Strathfield - Orange 



Hand Washing Song 

Educators across the Affinity Education network have been using songs to teach children about hygiene – and most importantly, hand washing! Enjoy this hand washing song performed by the children at Milestones Middle Swan.