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1 Apr 2020

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!

Whether your child is 3 weeks old or 3 years old, singing songs together is a fantastic opportunity to establish positive bonds and share emotional connectivity.

Songs are also a great way to expand children’s knowledge and capacity to learn new concepts. Songs such as ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ help to introduce children to important parts of life, such as body parts. Other popular songs help to introduce children to animals, cultural celebrations, hygiene practices, the alphabet and so much more which will benefit them for years to come.

Below we look at how each age group benefits in a unique way from song-singing. 


How Infants Learn From Songs 

Research has shown that babies listening to caregivers singing can improve concentration time and reduce overall stress, as well as build deep emotional connections. It doesn’t matter whether you have aBroadway-ready voice or not, it’s all about melody and meaningful communication. Try to incorporate song into everyday routines, such as bath time, nappy change or during dressing. Gently touch the body parts throughout the song and use positive facial expressions and voice to keep them engaged. 


How Toddlers Learn From Songs 

Whilst your toddler may not be able to sing along, they can mimic your actions of pointing out body parts throughout the song – supporting self-identity and body awareness. Encourage conversations throughout your activity, ask your toddler where their heads are – and wait for their response. Help them identify your knees and toes. An extension of this activity is to talk about each part of the body and how it works. 


How Older Children Learn From Songs 

For those children confident with identifying body parts and singing along, try incorporating the second verse “Eyes and ears and mouth and nose”. The Wiggles YouTube Video is a great follow-along singing activity for those older children who can follow actions and challenge themselves by incorporating physical movements. 

For more activity ideas, visit the Lifelong Learning Blog! Or find your closest Lifelong Learning Centre here. 

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