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8 Apr 2020

Learning How To Trace

Tracing letters, numbers or other drawings is a great way for your child to learn basic literacy and numeracy concepts, as well as how to correctly grip a pencil or writing instrument.

In this activity, children will be encouraged to practice their hand eye coordination and precision, as well as learning the correct way to grip a pencil - which is a skill for life!

Click on the program below to open a printable PDF version of the activity.

Enjoyed this activity? We have a range of Lifelong Learning at Home activity templates created by qualified early childhood educators and professionals for you to use at home!

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18 Dec 2020

Make sure your child receives Free Kindergarten in 2021

Great news for Victorian families - The Victorian Government has announced a free kindergarten scheme for Victorian children commencing January 2021.  
9 Oct 2020

"How was your day"?

Pick up time at the end of the day is such an exciting time – typically little faces light up when their parent or caregiver arrives. But how can families encourage meaningful conversations with their child?
15 Sep 2020

Languages of Lifelong Learning Centres

Children across our community thrive thanks to integrated language classes offered by passionate educators. Read how children can benefit from learning a second language.

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