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22 Jul 2020

From Garden to Plate: Preschoolers refine their green thumbs

Children at Kids Academy Preschool have experienced first-hand the joy of composting and growing vegetables from the earth! 

The addition of a worm farm in the centre backyard gardens has proven a hit with the children – who love spotting witchetty grubs and depositing food scraps into the compost. The compost is then added to the thriving vegetable garden and left to work its magic! 


Centre Manager, Lauren White explained that children loved tending to the vegetable garden, making sure there the vegetables were happily growing.  

“The children’s interest in the garden has prompted our latest project ‘Garden to Plate’, where we have explored sustainability and healthy eating”, said Lauren. 

“It has been very eye-opening for the children to understand where food comes from, and how our waste can help grow new life.” 

Recently, the vegetable garden was overflowing with lettuce – which meant only one thing – salad sandwiches! The little green thumbs were excited to pick and prepare the lettuce themselves.