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22 Sep 2020

Physical activity is not just play!

Early education is not just about learning inside a classroom – it's about our littlest learners developing physically, emotionally, socially and academically. 

One critical development area that our Lifelong Learning Centres’ support is physical development. Whilst to many it may look like just play, there is so much more happening when little bodies are running, stretching, crawling and playing! 

The educators at Milestones Early Learning Quinns Rocks share a passion for physical activity, ensuring it is incorporated in the weekly curriculum for all ages. 

“Physical activity is very important for children’s development, not only physically – but mentally and emotionally as well”, explained Centre Manager, Yolandi Jansen. 

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Yolandi explained that the opportunity for daily physical activity makes a big difference for their children.  

“We have found that our physical activity programs have improved fundamental movement skills – such as balance, coordination and strength, as well as building important muscles in little bodies. As our children are given the opportunity to release their energy in a healthy, fun way – we find that their sleep improves as well!" 


Milestones Early Learning Quinns Rocks provides both structured and open-play, spontaneous physical activities for their children – including Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga that helps ground and calm children, encouraging self-awareness.  

The Dance, Music and Movement is a favourite among children who love connecting physical actions and words – this also helps develop coordination and cognitive processing. 

The Bush Kindy program and Nature Play WA Program are also great programs that connect children to the local community, and nature. The benefits of physical activity are combined with the benefits of outdoor learning through these nature-based experiences.


Learn more about how your child can benefit from physical activity as part of their early years learning program. Book a family tour at Milestones Early Learning Quinns Rocks today - meet the team of passionate educators and see the programs in action for yourself! 

To enquire, call 1800 CHILD CARE or book online today! 


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