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2 Oct 2020

Little learners turn superheroes

Children at Tadpoles Early Learning Eatons Hill 1 transformed into their favourite characters this week. 

The talented team of educators at Tadpoles Early Learning Eatons Hill 1 transformed children into their chosen hero for the day – facilitating a day of creativity and dramatic play! 


Transforming a child into their favourite characters isn’t just a whole lot of fun, it provides a number of educational opportunities. 

Similar to dress-ups, face painting and play is a type of dramatic play that encourages children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. This type of role playing can help to improve empathy, language development, imagination, communication skills and confidence. 

Dramatic play also provides a space place for children to act out real life situations, especially those with high emotional tension.  

As children choose their own characters, it provides a sense of empowerment and independence. Children often chose important characters in their lives – like parents, or superheroes with unworldly powers.  




Support dramatic play at home by having dress up items and props for them to use – ready for both structured and unstructured play. You could set up a cooking station to allow structured play, or have a box of spare material, boxes and objects for your child to access spontaneously. 

Learn more about the child-led learning and play at Tadpoles Early Learning Eatons Hill 1, or any of our Lifelong Learning Centres.

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