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2 Feb 2021

Change Makers at Milestones Middle Swan

The children at Milestones Middle Swan have been collecting containers to help keep our community healthy.  Our Middle Swan team has a strong sense of community and are involved in various activities that help take care of our natural environment! 

“We have a recycling station at our centre to teach the importance of sustainability and we actively involve the children in sustainable practices every day,” explains Milestones Middle Swan Centre Manager Kayla Bishop. 

The children participate in a range of activities surrounding conservation, social responsibility and suitability as part of our Healthy World Program implemented in all Lifelong Learning Centres. 

Kayla continues, “Containers for Change is a fantastic organisation for the children at our centre to be aware of and involved in. For every eligible container returned you receive a refund, which we will use for new resources in our centre.” 


“When we have collected enough, we will be taking our Kindergarten children on an excursion to see first-hand how they can help their community and environment!” 

Recycling is an important learning experience for the future and teaches children not only how to take care of the environment and their community, but also how they can reduce waste and preserve resources. 

Our Healthy Children program involves more than just sustainability; the program also has a strong focus on encouraging healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise and being active. This holistic approach helps build a strong foundation for physical, cognitive and social development. 

Healthy Children programs are available in all of our Lifelong Learning Centres. Find your closest centre today and take a family tour today to learn more!  

15 Feb 2021

Lifelong Learning Centres Celebrate Lunar New Year & The Year Of The Ox!

At all Lifelong Learning Centres, we encourage the exploration and involvement in cultural celebrations from all around the world. 
21 Jan 2021

Aussie Kindies raise over $871 for Water Tank Project

The students and staff of Aussie Kindies Early Learning Kyabram have gone above and beyond and raised over $870 for a community endeavour – the Kyabram Water Tank Project!
18 Dec 2020

Make sure your child receives Free Kindergarten in 2021

Great news for Victorian families - The Victorian Government has announced a free kindergarten scheme for Victorian children commencing January 2021.  

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