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9 Mar 2021

Ensure A Positive Start To Your Baby’s Lifelong Learning Journey

A child’s first years are such a special time for children and their families, but it can also be a daunting challenge for parents. 

“Every Lifelong Learning Centre offers age-specific learning programs that nurture children’s natural desire to play, but also learn and explore”, explains Dr Lesley Jones, Senior Advisor Pedagogy & Practice at Lifelong Learning Centres. 

Our Healthy Beginnings program offers babies a calm and supportive environment to transition into early childhood settings, while nurturing essential skills for lifelong learning, including: 

  • Social connectivity  

  • Emotional confidence 

  • Foundational learning 

  • Physical health and wellbeing 

Dr Jones continues, “Our experienced, qualified educators understand how critical those early years are. It is our role to foster curiosity and discovery, as well as social skills and an understanding of the world around them.” 

Healthy Beginnings 

During the first year of your baby’s life, our learning approach focuses on forming secure relationships and encouraging the confidence to explore. 

In our baby nurseries, we employ the Primary Caregiver model to help your baby form strong, positive bonds. Your child will be appointed a qualified and caring educator who will form a personal relationship with both you and your child, getting to know your child inside and out – their routines and rituals, personality and temperament, likes and dislikes. 

Ensure A Positive Start To Your Baby’s Lifelong Learning Journey With Our Early Learning Approach

The Circle of Security program is another way we encourage healthy attachment and emotional development with our littlest learners. After developing a secure attachment with their Primary Educator, your child is encouraged to be curious and explore their environment, comforted knowing their Primary Educator is just an arm’s reach away! 

Together, the Circle of Security and Primary Caregiver models complement the Lifelong Learning approach and enrich your child’s early learning experience. Our educational program helps your baby grow in confidence and curiosity, setting them up for rich learning experience as a toddler. 

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Our expert early childhood educators understand the amazing learning potential of every baby. Our Lifelong Learning approach is practised by all 150 Lifelong Learning Centres across Australia, with each centre offering high-quality, research-driven programs for children from 6 weeks to school age. 

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