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4 Jul 2022

5 Important Factors When Choosing a Childcare Centre

Every week, some 18,000 children across Australia wave goodbye to their families from a Lifelong Learning Centre owned and operated by Affinity Education Group. Not only are these children surrounded by love, learning and laughter, but also their emotional, mental, physical, and social development is nurtured so that they have the best possible start to lifelong learning. Meanwhile, their families discover just how fun and exciting Australian childcare can be!

But when it comes to choosing a childcare centre that’s right for your child, it’s not always about the size of the centre or the distance from your home. Here are the 5 things you need to consider when choosing a childcare centre for your child and your family.


Creating moments for fun (and learning!)

Of course, at this age, learning goes hand in hand with fun … and there’s plenty of fun to be had every week too! Research shows that children benefit from play-based learning that includes a diverse range of activities and experiences. Here at Lifelong Learning Centres, our centres offer a range of age-appropriate extracurricular activities, including:

🧘🏼 Yoga and relaxation

🍉 Nutritional cooking classes

🌏 Language classes

🥼 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

🌿 Gardening and sustainability programs

🤸🏽 Athletic programs

🎨 Arts and crafts

A commitment to lifelong learning

We understand how valuable play-based, child-led learning is. Our research-based approach to early learning – whether your little one is starting in the nurserytoddler room, or is venturing into a kindergarten or preschool program – prioritises educational practices that enhance early development. 

The Lifelong Learning approach has been developed by our education team and incorporates key approaches including the Circle of Security and Primary Caregiver for babies, Abecedarian language development for toddlers, and an exciting focus on inquiry projects for older children.


Support for staff, support for children, support for families

It's not just about what we do for our children. It's also about what we do for our people! Our team of passionate Educators and Teachers are truly committed to your children. This isn’t ‘just a job’ to them – this is a lifelong career path for them too! Our people are supported every step of the way, with an extensive support network of Quality and Education Advisors, as well as professional development opportunities. 

What this means for parents is that you can drop your little one off in the morning confident that your child is in safe hands with educators who are passionate about their wellbeing and development.

A safe environment to learn, play and grow

From beautiful outdoor areas to innovative indoor learning zones, our centres are specifically designed to encourage child-led, play-based learning. From pretend play, STEAM and tech stations, creativity, and more, our centres are a children’s paradise.

Most importantly, Lifelong Learning Centres takes a national approach to prioritising child safety, rights and wellbeing. With daily support from a team of Quality Advisors and Operational Support, this reflects a dedication to delivering safe learning environments for all staff and children in their care, with professionalism and respect.


And finally... trust your gut!

When it comes down to it, perhaps the most important thing when it comes to choosing a childcare centre for your child is your instincts

It’s a sense of peace you get when you walk into the centre. That sigh of relief when you say goodbye, knowing your child is going to be perfectly fine – great, in fact! It’s being able to focus on your job without constant worry. There’s no anxiety, no fear and no guilt because you know they are safe, happy and having a blast! It’s a feeling that, even though your child is not at home with you, they still feel ‘at home’ there.

Still unsure? More help is available. To learn more about early learning and the Lifelong Learning Centres difference, speak with our wonderful team of Family Support Consultants today – simply call 1800 CHILD CARE. Or, find your closest Lifelong Learning Centre online.

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