Navigating End of Year Transitions

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum offers an abundance of research-based practices that ensure continuous learning during the holiday season. As a parent, you may wonder what development your child is progressing with during this time. Throughout the holiday season, your child is able to engage in our play-based School Readiness Intensive program that encourages shared sustained thinking with peers. The program allows children to develop social and emotional confidence and interact positively with others. Developing social and emotional confidence when transitioning into a new environment such as 'Big School' allows for more resilience when navigating such a significant change in their routine. Continuing care during the holiday period can support this.  

School readiness intensive program:

The School Readiness Intensive Program has been specifically designed to assist educators and teachers in Affinity centres with various simple, age-appropriate, and intentional learning experiences to provide during December and January. This program was developed in collaboration with Education Advisors and Early Childhood Teachers from all over Australia, focusing on implementing school-ready activities to achieve the best outcomes in a short time frame. We have decided to run this program during the end-of-year period to make it fun, exciting and fresh in the children's minds as they prepare to enter big school. The program includes large projects with an added intensity and focus on shared sustained thinking processes through inquiry-based learning. Through opportunities like these, children continue to build relationships with their peers and develop their skills of building and maintaining connections with others, which is an integral part of transitioning successfully into a big school.  

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Social-Emotional Confidence:

As we all know, the end of the year and transition to big school can be overwhelming for children and some families. It is the time of year with a mixture of big emotions for big buckets to fill, such as trying to organize the following year, getting ready for Christmas, attending orientations, getting to know new adults and children, and so on. Our centres have experienced these emotions and have ensured that we critically reflect and find various strategies to assist children and families with a smooth process.   

Affinity Education Centres uses the Positive Living Skills online platform to support our children in social-emotional confidence. This new program was brought into Affinity early this year and has shown significant development in our children's social-emotional confidence.   


Encouraging Growth Mindset:

Our educators will take this holiday period as an opportunity to explore and implement this program more deeply. Through this program, Educators will be extending growth mindset learning experiences, sharing age-appropriate social stories, using audio relaxation stories, songs, and posters to support various emotional needs in the room, and also sharing valuable tips and resources with parents that are suitable for this transition period to school. 

Maintaining Wellbeing:

Positive Living Skills is an inclusive, preventative, evidence-based initiative designed to support children to learn skills for maintaining mental well-being and to support educators and early childhood teachers to promote positive behaviour within the Centre community while supporting Educators and families.  


Healthy Beginnings Curriculum

The Lifelong Learning Healthy Beginnings Curriculum for babies’ birth–1-year-olds emphasizes the establishment of secure attachments and positive relationships between babies and educators through the use of Circle of Security and learning zones focused on play schemas.


Early Experiences Curriculum

The Lifelong Learning Early Experiences Curriculum for 1-3-year-olds emphasizes the development of Toddlers’ language and social development using the Abecedarian approach within our intentional learning zones focused on play schemas.


School Readiness Curriculum

The Lifelong Learning School Readiness Curriculum for 3-5-year-olds emphasizes enquiry-based projects and foundation academic skills to support children’s development of key 21st-century school-readiness.

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, the Affinity Education community acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land sea and community.

We pay our respect to their elders past and present and the extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples today.