The importance of using the Abecedarian approach to improve toddlers’ language skills

Language is a crucial component of school readiness. No matter a child's age, they actively develop skills to become proficient and active communicators. Research shows that language development is best supported by early exposure to language and sound awareness skills. 

While there are many benefits to the Lifelong Learning Curriculum, the Abecedarian approach and language games provided in our Early Experiences Toddler program are a robust base to support children's language development. When Educators use these approaches with children, they use tested, accurate and professionally researched tools that are fun and engaging.  

You might be asking yourself what the Abecedarian approach looks or sounds like? Here is an insight into how this process works. 

Abecedarian makes EVERYONE a Proficient Language User! 

Our Educators prioritise quality adult-child interactions by implementing the Abecedarian Language Approach. Research has shown that this approach can improve IQ and stimulate development in multiple domains with lasting impact through to adulthood. Both spoken and gestural language is a crucial toolkit for toddlers. They need language to organise thinking, explain ideas and communicate with their peers, parents and Educators.   

We won’t need superpowers to read minds if we can help our young ones to understand their mind, body and brain, right? Through the Abecedarian Language Approach, our Toddlers can take greater control over their emotions, and this approach encourages POSITIVE behaviours.   


‘I NOTICE the big frown on your face...  I wonder if it is because you’ve tipped over the cup (NUDGE)…. I can understand how this may have made you frown (NARRATE) 


'I can SEE that you dropped the spoon to the floor... Can you SHOW me how we can pick it up... Now SAY, 'Pick it up, up, up into the sky, sky, sky!'   

Our Early Experience Children will then be able to leverage the learning from the Educators to express and communicate their ideas with YOU! 'Spoon... UP!' They may also begin to explore peer-to-peer interactions and relationships, continuing to master the language skills we have equipped them with the Abecedarian Language Approach. 

Our unique ‘Language Games’ within our Curriculum 

Our Toddler Educators not only incorporate the Abecedarian language program in their everyday interactions with children, but we also incorporate unique Language Games in our Early Experiences Curriculum. Our Language Games are unique games that our Educators play with children one-on-one or in small groups. They are intentionally written to enhance children's vocabulary and confidence in using language to socialise. Our children love playing with our Language Games. We also share these with our families so you can be equipped to keep the fun and education going at home as you wish.   

As the year is rounding up, we know life can become extremely busy. Rest assured that our Curriculum takes place all year long, even over the festive season in December and January. Your child can benefit from the best education and care at an Affinity Education Group Centre near you.    

Find out more about the Early Experiences (1-3 years) curriculum in the below video: 

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, the Affinity Education community acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land sea and community.

We pay our respect to their elders past and present and the extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples today.