Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Our philosophy is all about encouraging your child to discover their own unique abilities and “indikiduality”. We do this by providing engaging educational programs, learning environment and activities and resources that will inspire your child. Our professional and highly qualified educators genuinely want to see your child succeed and will go above and beyond to tailor their approach to support your child’s unique development. All of our centres offers high quality facilities and a safe and nurturing environment to provide the best opportunities for your child while they are in our care.
Early childhood education programs help your child develop curiosity, confidence and communication skills as well as physical strength and fitness. These are essential skills to help your child grow and lay the foundations for a life of learning. Children learn in unique ways during their first five years. Our programs feature play-based and child-driven activities, rather than classroom style learning with homework, to help your child reach their full potential.
Our proactive approach to early learning means we focus not only on the now, but also on preparing your child for school and for life. We deliver a school readiness program to ease your child’s transition to school, ensuring they have a positive start.
Yes, if you are eligible to receive the Australian Child Care Subsidy, this will reduce the out of pocket cost of your child care fees.
We encourage all of our families to investigate their Child Care Subsidy options with Centrelink before enrolling their child(ren). To access Centrelink, you will need to create and use a MyGov account.
We help families maximise their Child Care Subsidy by offering flexible day sessions, and keep you updated on your available hours.
If your child is vaccinated, please keep us updated with a current Immunisation History Statement or Vaccination Certificate at time of enrolment and after any additional vaccinations.
Whilst immunisation is not compulsory in all Australian states*, it is strongly encouraged. Families who choose not to immunise their children up to the age of 19, on non-medical grounds, are not eligible to receive government financial child care assistance. Find out more here.
A copy of the national immunisation schedule can be found on the Department of Health website and is also provided to families in your enrolment pack.
*Children residing in Victoria and New South Wales must be immunised to be enrolled in early childhood services.
The CCS makes child care more affordable, so you can work, study and carry out other important day-to-day activities*.  We can help make sure you make the most of your entitlement by offering flexible day sessions and keeping you updated on your available hours.

Most families are entitled to receive the CCS (and therefore discounted fees) unless they are very high-income earners*. Your child must also meet the immunisation requirements. Some families can also get extra support on top of the CCS through the Additional Child Care Subsidy

*You must meet Government criteria to be eligible for the CCS.
The amount of CCS you can get depends on your circumstances. There are three main criteria:
  • Your family’s income
  • Hours of ‘recognised’ activity you and your partner do
  • The “hourly rate cap” based on the type of approved childcare and your child’s age
Talk to one of our Family Support Consultants on 1800 CHILD CARE, and we will be glad to give you a discounted fee quote that takes into account your estimated CCS entitlement.
You can calculate how much Child Care Subsidy you are eligible to receive through this link.
The CCS payment comes directly from the Australian Federal Government to your centre to reduce the fees you pay. This means you don’t have to pay full price for your fees and then wait for a refund; you get discounted fees upfront.  

You also don’t have to do any of the payments administration; your centre takes care of this for you.*

*You must meet Government criteria to be eligible for the CCS.
You must register with Centrelink at, meet the rules, and keep your information up-to-date to qualify for the child care subsidy.

Find out more here:
Our Family Support Team would love to help answer any questions you might have! They are available 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday on (07) 3513 7777 or 1800 CHILD CARE (1800 24453 2273).

Alternatively, the Starting Blocks Government website provides information about early childhood education and care to help you make the best choices for your child and family:

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