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2 Sep 2019

Shining Star - Pare Kanokwan Tansacha

Sometimes when you meet someone, your day immediately gets just that little bit brighter. There are some smiles you will never forget, and some warmth that will spread like wildfire. These are three traits held by our latest shining star Pare Kanokwan Tanascha.

Ipswich Kiddie Care Centre Manager, Gabby Heit, nominated Pare for because “she is outstanding and she has gone above and beyond,” she says.

Pare is an assisting educator at the centre and has worked there for the past six months. 

“I decided to make Early Childhood Education my career in 2017 as my daughter went to school, I wanted to go back to work,” says Pare.

“In the last two years I set myself the goal of finishing my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, now I am moving on to finish my Diploma this year.”

Ipswich Kiddie Care are so lucky to have such a passionate, driven and caring educator on their team. Pare admits she struggled to find employment after completing her Certificate, but is so grateful that she is taking care of the children at her centre.

“It’s taken a lot of work to get to where I am now,” says Pare.

“I worked as a Secondary School Coordinator at the NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand before completing my Certificate here in Australia.”

“I am so happy to now be working at Ipswich Kiddie Care, all of my colleagues are very helpful and supportive.

Pare certainly lights up every room she sets foot in, and hopes to be doing so for many years to come.

“I think it’s extremely important for children to be encouraged to love, learn and grow and those children and my colleagues are the things I love most about my job,” says Pare.

“I have set myself the goal to be lead educator in my future, I want to spend the rest of my career working in our rooms with children doing activities together.”

We are so lucky you chose our centre to bring the magic of children to life Pare and we thank you for bringing our values of delivering outstanding professionalism, creating shining stars, and going above and beyond to life.

17 Sep 2019

Shining Star - Chrissy Graham

In our Lifelong Learning Centres, many of our educators are also on their own learning journeys - and we're very proud to share the journey of Chrissy Graham, who recently completed her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education. 
3 Sep 2019

Why lifelong learning is a lifelong career

Early Childhood Education isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Educators step into their centres everyday knowing they are changing the lives of children and forging their love of lifelong learning. For many, this brings them so much joy and they treasure everyday of their careers for many years. One such Educator is Diona Driver, Centre Manager at Premier Early Learning Centre Moruya, New South Wales.

3 Sep 2019

Education isn't just about the books

Educators at Lifelong Learning Centres come from all walks of life and are all at different stages of their lifelong learning journey. Educator Trainee Elizabeth Watson started her lifelong learning journey with Affinity Education Group in September 2018 when she decided to find a position that left her feeling more fulfilled.

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