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9 Mar 2021

Supporting Your Toddler's Early Learning Experience

The toddler years are an exciting journey of growth and self-discovery. Through our research-driven, play-based educational program, our little learners develop essential skills for lifelong learning, including: 

  • Communication skills 

  • Group dynamics and solitary play 

  • Connection with family and community 

  • Problem solving and resilience  

“The play-based experiences a toddler has in day care are where the real learning happens. Our centres provide a safe, supportive place for your child’s self-identity and awareness to grow”, explains Jola Sung, Education Advisor at Lifelong Learning Centres.  

Jola continues, “Our Early Experiences program is designed to help toddlers progress in their emotional, social, foundational and physical milestones, readying them for the next exciting step of their educational experience.”  

Early Experiences

How to soothe a temper tantrum? How to encourage positive play? How to provide positive socialisation? We have this covered.  

For toddlers in our Early Experiences rooms, our Lifelong Learning approach is guided by the Abecedarian approach – a simple and practical approach to language development. The Abecedarian approach introduces literacy and numeracy through learning games; supports self-expression through language skills; and develops social and friendship skills in group settings. 

Supporting Your Toddler's Early Learning Experience With The Abecedarian Approach

The Lifelong Learning Approach is designed to help your toddler develop language skills so that they can express their needs, ideas and feelings, offering a world of new possibilities. 

Our qualified educators encourage:  

  • Exploration and creativity  

  • Communication skills, sharing and co-operation  

  • Mindfulness and the ability to self-calm  

  • Awareness of literacy, math and scientific concepts  

We use play-based learning games, conversational reading and everyday moments to talk, share and expand your toddler’s vocabulary. All children are encouraged to follow their own routine and sense of adventure. Every day is a little bit different - and every day is always full of fun! 

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Our centres are wonderful places to play and learn. Educators take great care and pride in setting up safe, secure and stimulating environments where children are motivated to explore, challenge themselves and try out their own ideas. 

Our Lifelong Learning approach is practised by all 150 Lifelong Learning Centres across Australia, with each centre offering high-quality, research-driven programs for children from 6 weeks to school age. 

Visit your local Lifelong Learning Centre and meet the qualified and nurturing team. Find your local centre online or call 1800 CHILD CARE. 

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