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30 Aug 2021

A Lifelong Learning Centres Update: Supporting Our Community Through COVID-19

Our COVID-19 Response Team continues to monitor National and State Government updates and feedback from our Lifelong Learning Centres and families.  

Even as the situation continues to evolve, we are not letting COVID-19 get in the way of providing high-quality learning opportunities and experiences for your children. Our priority remains the early childhood education and care of the children who attend our centres. 

Unless otherwise notified, our centres will remain open. Our proactive policies and procedures remain effective in ensuring our centres are safe, hygienic places for your children to learn and play. We are also welcome new families with the option of virtual tours or contactless tours.  

How We Are Supporting Our Community 
We are committed to supporting our families and people. 

Our families are supported by our centre management teams, our committed Family Support Consultants, and our COVID-19 Response Team. Our centres practice the highest quality health and hygiene practices, aligned with State Government recommendations and requirements. 

Our people are supported with ongoing training, additional resources, clear communication and support from our COVID-19 Response Team, and access to counsellors and confidential support. By supporting our teams, we allow them to focus on their main objective: providing high-quality early education and care for your children. 



Lifelong Learning at Home
Our free Lifelong Learning at Home resources remain available for enrolled families and children who are isolating due to COVID-19. In addition, our educators remain in contact with these families via Storypark and check ins to keep them connected even while their children are not attending care.  

Health and Safety Measures in our Centres 
Below is an overview of some of the health and safety measures we are implementing in our centres across Australia. Please note that not all of these measures are mandatory in all centres. We amend mandatory health and safety measures in centres depending on directives from State Governments. 

  • Mandatory QR code check-in using State Government issued QR codes for anyone who remains in the centre for 15 minutes or more. 

  • Adult visitors, including families, are to wear masks, complete the visitor declaration, practice social distancing and practice good hand hygiene when entering centres. 

  • Face masks for staff in communal areas if 1.5m2 cannot be maintained (offices, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, etc). 

  • Drop-off and pick-up zones. 

  • Temperature checks for children, parents, employees, and other visitors. 

  • Additional family tour options including contactless tours or virtual tours. 

  • Visitors or contractors to the centre limited to necessary visitors only.  

  • Social distancing for visitors of one person per 2m2. 

  • Enhanced handwashing and hygiene procedures. 


 Ongoing Health and Hygiene in our Community
We want to reassure families that we are committed to healthy and hygienic centres year-round. You can help keep our communities healthy by: 

  • Maintaining open communication with your Centre Manager about illnesses. 

  • Incorporating hygiene practices into your home life, like regular handwashing. 

  • If in doubt, or if anyone in your family is showing symptoms, we ask that you get a COVID test before bringing your child back to care. 

  • While our COVID-19 Response Team will continue to monitor and communicate local alerts, we ask that you please monitor yourself, your child, and any location alerts in your area. 

More Support When Needed 
We appreciate the impact COVID-19 has had on our community. All educators and families enrolled at our centres also have access to free confidential counselling and support through Lifeworks. Lifeworks have caring counsellors available 24/7 for support – speak with your Centre Manager to learn how you can access this free service. 

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