Healthy Bodies

Healthy Bodies introduces children to important principles relating to physical health and wellbeing.

From tummy time followed by crawling, through to ‘first steps’ and those big hops, skips and jumps! Our Healthy Bodies activities include daily scheduled physical activity time, group-sports, and an annual calendar of health and well-being incursions so children learn what will keep their bodies healthy.

Opportunities Can Include:

Children Learning Soccer

Group Sports

Group sports, such as soccer, is known to improve fine motor skills, athletic ability, balance, coordination and teamwork.
Child Laughing With Banana


Food plays such an important role in our overall health, which is why Lifelong Learning Centres incorporate family recipes and nutrition lessons into the weekly curriculum.
Children Dance Class

Dance Class

Dancing to music helps to improve coordination and gain an understanding of rhythym and coordination. Not only is dancing good for the body and mind, there's often a lot of fun involved too!
Child Resting

Rest and Sleep

While physical skills are important, rest and relaxation is equally important in maintaining good health overall. While we focus on play-based learning and active experiences, we also encourage rest to fully recover.
Child Gymnastics


A known way to build strength and physical confidence, introduce basic gymnastics at an early age can be beneficial for children's growth and development. We also include stretching and warm up activities in our routines.
Child with Dentists Teeth

Dental or Nurse Visits

Dental health is so important to introduce to children, particularly before adult teeth come in. Visits from dentists / nurses teaches children about maintaining dental hygiene in a fun and interactive way.
Child Playing with Tennis Rope

Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors is a great way for children to learn from real experiences. Whether it's throwing ball, sand pit play, climbing structures or playing with other children, there are so many new skills to develop outdoors.
Children Playing Indoors

Increasing physical confidence and resilience

By participating in our Healthy Bodies programs and activities, your child will develop vital physical strength, balance and fine motor skills. This in turn supports brain development and emotional confidence so they can make the choice to continue to participate in a healthy lifestyle as they grow.

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